At DBJ we strive every day to obtain the best possible results for our clients.  The people and companies we represent have been injured and seek accountability for personal and financial damage suffered.  Although in many cases monetary payment cannot heal the pain brought on by the harm, in the American civil court system, financial compensation is the typical and primary method of redress.

There are two typical ways DBJ obtains results for our clients:  earning a verdict at trial; and negotiating a settlement outside of court.

Trial Verdict

Trial verdicts occur when the parties to a lawsuit cannot agree on terms to settle a dispute and must have a court of law provide a ruling.  During a trial, a jury (panel of citizens) or a judge listens to what both parties to the dispute offer on points of evidence and law.  After hearing both sides, the jury or judge determines that the plaintiff (the party bringing the lawsuit) is correct and should receive money or that the defendant is correct and that no award should be given.


A settlement is an agreement showing that a plaintiff and defendant have resolved their dispute without needing a trial to a judge or jury.  Settlements are voluntarily entered into by both parties.  DBJ only recommends its clients consider entering into settlements if the terms are very favorable considering the facts of the case and the risks of receiving less favorable results if a verdict at trial were sought.

Why The Difference Is Important

DBJ is a firm that maximizes the results it obtains for its clients.  Many times the right solution for helping a client is reaching settlement with a defendant.  This can reduce the amount of time, risk and anxiety a case may require for the injured plaintiff.  However, many insurance companies and other defendants are unwilling to voluntarily settle cases for their maximum value.

When this happens, it’s important that a plaintiff is represented by a law firm with the skill, the resources and the guts to take on a defendant through a trial verdict.  There is always risk that a defendant will prevail at trial and the plaintiff will receive less than a settlement would have provided, or even nothing at all.  However, DBJ has demonstrated time and again it can win jury trials that result in many times the value of what a proposed settlement would have brought to a plaintiff.  It is this ability, and outright willingness, to take on defendants in court that makes DBJ so feared by defendants and the companies paying for their legal defenses.


When reviewing our Results, let this explanation of the difference between Trial Verdict and Settlement underscore DBJ’s commitment to holding defendants accountable and maximizing recovery for our clients.