NTSB Updates Most Wanted List of Transportation Safety Improvements

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) recently updated the list of safety recommendations from its 2019-2020 Most Wanted List of Transportation Safety Improvements (8 Safety Recommendations Closed from NTSB’s 2019-2020 Most Wanted List). The publishing of the updated list followed the closure of eight safety recommendations.

Four safety recommendations were closed with acceptable action taken, one was closed with acceptable alternate action taken, one was closed with a status of exceeds recommended action, and another was regrettably closed with unacceptable action taken. One additional safety recommendation was closed because it was superseded by a subsequent recommendation that remains open.

Closing safety recommendations with acceptable action taken, resulting in improved transportation safety, is the goal of issuing and advocating for a safety recommendation,” said NTSB Chairman Robert Sumwalt. “Our safety recommendations are founded in the science of our accident investigations and are designed to prevent similar future accidents. Transportation safety is improved when recipients of our safety recommendations take acceptable action. While I’m pleased to highlight this success, I also have to highlight how much more work remains to be done.”

The closed safety recommendations addressed the following pipeline, highway, and aviation safety issues:

  • pipeline dent repairs and leak detection
  • incorrect installation of mechanical tapping tee assemblies
  • passenger safety briefings regarding seat belt use in limousines
  • NTSB access to all positive drug and alcohol test results and refusal determinations conducted under DOT testing requirements
  • use of the Aviation Digital Data Service Weather Tool as an official weather product for helicopter emergency medical services
  • management of the risk of operating amphibious passenger vehicles in compliance with U.S. Coast Guard guidance
  • establishment of an ongoing program to monitor, evaluate, report on, and continuously improve fatigue management programs implemented by motor carriers

The NTSB is an independent federal agency charged with promoting transportation safety. Through its 30th annual Most Wanted List of Transportation Safety Improvements, the NTSB has identified safety improvements across all modes of transportation that will prevent accidents, minimize injuries, and save lives.

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