Wes Shumate Awarded Prestiges KCMBA Thomas J. Conway Award

Each year the KCMBA Thomas J. Conway Award is presented to a young trial attorney with very special qualities.  Wes Shumate has been honored with the Award for 2017.

The Conway Award is given to young trial lawyers demonstrating courage and zeal for their clients while maintaining a collegial attitude with fellow attorneys.  The late Tom Conway had special abilities as a fierce and outstandingly skilled trial attorney, while also maintaining excellent relationships with opposing counsel.  Litigators know this is a difficult balance to achieve and maintain.

DBJ congratulates Wes in winning this deserved award and supports his efforts as an outstanding attorney and peer.

DBJ partner Scott Bethune had the honor of writing up KCMBA’s published summary of Wes’ award.  Read more here.


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