St. Louis Roundup Trial Postponed

Circuit Court Judge Elizabeth Hogan recently announced the indefinite postponement of the ongoing Roundup cancer trial in St. Louis (St. Louis Roundup cancer trial postponed again, sparking speculation of a global settlement). The trial had been set to resume February 5, 2020, after a previous delay to allow settlement talks between plaintiffs and Monsanto’s owner Bayer AG.

A Roundup trial slated to get underway in San Francisco on February 24 is also likely to be suspended. The postponement news has fueled speculation that Bayer may be close to reaching a global settlement of the tens of thousands of similar Roundup cases being pursued around the world.

Bayer acquired Roundup and the legal claims against it when it purchased St. Louis-based Monsanto Co. in 2018 for $63 billion. Bayer has reportedly set aside $8 billion to resolve current cases and $2 billion for future claims.

A recent Reuters article reported that Bayer is considering a settlement proposal that would prevent plaintiffs’ lawyers from advertising for new Roundup clients in order to potentially limit future legal exposure. According to Rutgers Law School professor David Noll, a prohibition against advertising could lead to “dramatically fewer claims” and eliminate a “big drag on Bayer’s balance sheet.” 

To further muddy the waters, in an Interim Registration Review Decision dated January 22, 2020, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reapproved glyphosate, the main active chemical ingredient in Roundup. The EPA found there was insufficient evidence to conclude that glyphosate plays a role in any human diseases,” the agency said.

It is unclear what effect the EPA’s decision will have on Bayer’s willingness to settle its claims, but it has never been more important for you to seek the advice of an attorney if you believe you may have been exposed to Roundup. Please call Davis, Bethune & Jones at 1-800-875-5972 for a free consultation. Our experienced personal injury attorneys will ensure that your rights are protected and you receive the compensation you deserve.

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