Federal Government Hinders Transportation Safety Rules

According to a recent investigation by the Associated Press, under President Donald Trump the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) has revoked or delayed a number of important transportation safety rules (A look at some of the transportation safety rules sidelined under President Trump). The Trump Administration’s anti-regulation fervor has resulted in negative safety implications for multiple American transportation industries.


  • A proposed rule requiring new vehicles to be built with the capability to communicate wirelessly with each other to prevent accidents has been postponed.
  • After lobbying by auto industry trade associations, a directive that electric and hybrid cars must emit sounds at low speeds to warn pedestrians has been pushed back an additional year.

Commercial trucks and buses:

  • American Trucking Association lobbyists stalled a proposal to require software limiting maximum speeds in tractor-trailers.
  • A rule requiring states to inspect buses and other passenger vehicles on an annual basis was withdrawn by USDOT.

Pipelines and gas storage facilities:

  • After concerns raised by “important stakeholders,” USDOT stalled a rule increasing safety requirements for natural gas pipelines.
  • The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) has advocated eliminating the pipeline safety classification system, which currently requires additional safety procedures in populated areas.
  • PHMSA is looking at rescinding an interim rule regulating natural gas storage facilities, which was formulated as a response to a methane gas leak near Los Angeles.


  • A rule calling for all trains to have at least two crew members was returned to the Federal Railroad Administration by the White House within a week after Trump’s inauguration.
  • USDOT has abolished a 2015 rule mandating railroad cars hauling flammable crude oil be furnished with advanced braking systems designed to prevent fiery derailments.

It is essential to remain vigilant in the face of the Trump Administration’s commitment to favoring big business over the safety of the American people. If you have been injured in an automobile, truck, natural gas, or railroad accident, it is vital that you hire an experienced attorney. Please call DBJ today at 1-800-875-5972 for a free consultation.

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