If you’ve ever watched a television commercial, you know that there is a prescription drug available to treat just about any medical condition or disease you can imagine. Doctors currently have more than 10,000 prescription medications at their disposal. While these new drugs have no doubt contributed to better health for many patients, they have also created new risks.

Many over-the-counter drugs have become household words. People take them without a second thought because patients trust their doctors to prescribe medications that are safe for them to take. However, an increasing number of pharmaceutical products are putting people at risk, resulting in unhealthy side effects and, in some cases, even death. Adverse drug events are responsible for nearly 700,000 emergency room visits and 100,000 hospitalizations in the United States every year.

Prescription drug sales in the United States have reached nearly $400 billion per year. Because of the enormous amount of money at stake, pharmaceutical companies have been guilty of putting drugs on the market that have been inadequately tested or lack clear instructions or ample warnings. Pharmaceutical companies have a duty to ensure the safety of their products, and the litany of possible side effects announced at the end of each drug commercial is their attempt to forestall the inevitable lawsuits resulting from their failure to do so. Bextra, Celebrex, and Vioxx are just a few of the drugs that have harmed people and become the subject of scrutiny and lawsuits.

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