Railroad Crossings Accidents

The last few years have seen a significant increase in railroad crossing fatalities. Nearly 300 Americans are killed every year at railroad crossings, and thousands more are injured, often seriously.   Railroad corporations can prevent most railroad crossing accidents by:

  • Installing flashing lights and automatic gates signal systems at crossings. Despite knowledge within the industry that these systems prevent 94% of collisions at crossings, railroads refuse to install them on their own for safety purposes.
  • Remove trees, brush, and vegetation that block an approaching driver’s view of an oncoming train. Many railroads simply ignore this obvious and inexpensive public safety solution.
  • Maintain a safe surface for people to drive over the tracks. How many times have you driven over railroad tracks with boards and rail ties sticking up?

Profits should never be put ahead of public safety, but the railroad industry has proven time and again they will not implement simple and effective safety solutions unless they are forced to do so. At DBJ, our railroad accident attorneys are the voice of those put at risk and injured at railroad crossings due to the negligence of railroad companies. Our cases force railroads to be accountable for public safety by implementing safety measures they know will save innocent lives.

Some of our notable verdicts and settlements for railroad crossing accidents include:

  • $160 million verdict against Amtrak and Union Pacific Railroad for a 34-year old woman who suffered injuries from a railroad crossing accident (orthopedic injuries and brain injury)
  • $37.5 million settlement against Kansas City Southern Railroad after an 8 week trial
  • $12.5 million settlement against Union Pacific, the largest railroad crossing collision settlement in the history of the state of Arkansas
  • Many dozens of other settlements with railroads because of train/car collisions

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