At DBJ our work is regularly recognized by fellow attorneys, judges and other professionals in the highest possible way – with referrals of new clients to work with us.  We appreciate these recommendations to people in their most dire circumstances immensely and understand the level of trust our referring professionals put in us to help those they send to us.

We have worked with referring attorneys in many different manners.  If you prefer to send a client to us for our firm to work with independently, we are capable of helping you.  If you are an attorney who is working diligently on behalf of a client, but could use help on the case in an ongoing manner, we are willing to co-counsel, whether we take take the lead in the case or it makes sense for us to merely assist.  Each case stands on its own for determination of which scenario makes sense, but the best interest of the client will always dictate which route should be followed.

Please consider DBJ as a trusted resource for your referrals.  Contact us today to learn more about our referral and co-counsel programs.