DBJ Wins $1.66 Million Verdict for Victim of Tractor-Trailer Accident

DBJ’s Grant L. Davis and Thomas C. Jones won a $1.66 million verdict from a St. Louis jury for a 49-year-old man who was injured when his car was struck from behind by a tractor-trailer.

The plaintiff was stopped at a red light when the tractor-trailer slammed into the rear of his vehicle, causing soft-tissue back injuries and a closed head injury. As a result of his injuries, the plaintiff can no longer lift, bend, dance, or play sports. He also cannot think clearly and has constant ringing in his ears.

The defendant claimed that a car swerved in front of the plaintiff, causing an abrupt stop resulting in the accident. The defendant also claimed the plaintiff suffered only minor injuries that healed within three months of the accident. The jury did not agree.

The last offer by the defense was $85,000 and the plaintiff countered with $325,000. At trial, the defense requested an award of only $36,000, but the jury came back with a figure of $1.66 million.

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