Improper Patient Transfer Results in Davis, Bethune & Jones Winning $10.25 Million Wrongful Death Verdict

Shawn Foster of Davis, Bethune & Jones won a $10.25 million wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of the parents of a man who died at a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center.

Brandon Jacques, 20, was being treated for alcohol addiction and bulimia at a facility in Arizona. The facility recommended a transfer to Morningside Recovery in California. Unbeknownst to the parents, the facility received a kickback for sending Brandon to Morningside. Despite representations to the contrary, Morningside was not legally allowed to treat eating disorders because it was not a medical facility.

Brandon was eventually transferred to another detox center, where he suffered a cardiac arrest and died. The internal emails and the practices of the various facilities “illustrated illegal kickbacks and referral agreements to induce facilities to refer clients,” Foster said.

The jury awarded Brandon’s parents $10.25 million in non-economic damages and $40,622.50 for funeral and burial expenses. “I believe the verdict is going to change the way these free-standing rehab facilities operate,” Foster said. “It is important to the Jacques family that other families do not get taken advantage of by these facilities.”

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