DBJ Settles $1 Million MODOT Negligence Car Crash Case

An arbitration panel found the Missouri Department of Transportation (MODOT) partially to blame for a highway accident that killed two people. The driver was held to be 80% at fault, with the Department of Transportation responsible for the other 20%. Total damages exceeded $1 million.

The lawsuit alleged the scene of the accident was a dangerous intersection, improperly designed by MODOT. The plaintiffs argued that the intersection had inadequate sight lines and the speed limit was too high. The family’s attorney, Wes Shumate of DBJ, noted that the speed limit was lowered from 65 mph to 55 mph after the accident.

State law allows lawsuits against MODOT to be taken to arbitration instead of a trial. The family chose arbitration in order to speed up the case’s outcome and gain some closure, Shumate said.

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